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A Caracal, you ask? It’s a wild cat that’s native of African descent. An animal with great tactical skills such as knowing when to pursue and when to be patient and hold back—the exact measure of any company looking to make a change the right way.

After spending years in Vancouver and Calgary, Branden Engele brings his experience back to the Saskatchewan prairies. Proficient in Graphic Design, Branding, Marketing Insights and Web Design, he looks to relieve pain-points and provide a better foundation for companies to succeed.

“If you’re going to do it, do it right, but do it well.”

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Web Design

If you feel like you’re behind the times, don’t worry. We can get you up and running online, whether your website needs an upgrade, best practice recommendations, or you’re ready to start new.

Graphic Design

You deserve a product that looks professional and is done right. We’ll dive into how your creative is being used to ensure you are getting the most value out of your efforts.


Your customers perceive your brand or product based on their exposure to everyday experiences. We’ll align your brand and company so your perception is no longer cloudy.


Creating content is half the battle. Knowing what to do with it is where I come in. We can discuss best practices to put in place in order to make your on-going efforts more effective.


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